We deal in a wide range of spare parts distribution of Airbus, Boeing, Cessna, bombardier as well as providing Aircraft On Ground (AOG) services globally. A wide network of professionals is available in fulfilling the required needs of aviation. Our team of distributors is working tirelessly to deliver the products.

Our Services

Landing Gear

We have perfect solution for all your landing gear problems by providing our cost per aircraft landing contract (CPAL) that keeps a check on landing gear repairs every time your aircraft lands.


Our team of experts has worked tirelessly in keeping the flight on schedule by providing our services in repairing or replacing kits of aircrafts in a timely manner.

Ground Equipment

We offer full support in fulfilling all your aircraft needs while it is on ground that includes ground support equipment, paints, hand tool, and chemicals etc.


Our dedicated expandable department will work according to your calendar in full filling all your requirements you just need to inform us and we will take it from there.

AOG Services

Aerogear Aerospace Pte Ltd works day and night to provide the best Aircraft on Ground (AOG) services. The team is perfectly capable to rectify all problems related to aircraft and deliver the best results to your aircraft problems. As we are one of the leading parts distributors globally, our team is available 24/7 to serve you.

Component Repair

Aerogear Aerospace Pte Ltd has one of the most comprehensive aircraft component repair support around the world and its components overhaul capabilities include: Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electrical, Electronic, Electro, mechanical, and Fuel controls.

Consumable & Rotable

Aerogear Aerospace Pte Ltd is a leading on-site inventory in dealing with expendables, rotables, and consumables for fixed-wing, rotorcraft, power plant and ground-support equipment.

Repair Management

We have an amazing repair management system that work tirelessly to provide our best services in solving all aviation related problems and take your aircraft back to the skies. We have a team of experts that have vast experience in providing their services in repairing aircraft.